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About Us

We are an online equipment leasing agency whose focus is in the leasing of


equipment in Nigeria.


We help clients lease any equipment to their job specification online, provide


detailed information of equipment through inspection, support our client in making


sure the equipment is delivered to the location within the time frame and make the


equipment leasing process smooth and easy.


We also provide man power services in areas of drivers and operators to


equipment owners making sure their drivers and operators have the necessary


license and experience for the equipment.







Our vision is to become the biggest online provider of equipment leasing in Nigeria.





Our values are so fundamental on the way we operate, putting all our interest in


‘’every customer is important’’.



We uphold honesty in delivering on our commitment.



We believe teamwork brings the extraordinary things in ordinary people.



How to lease equipment,



Simply follow the instruction below to lease equipment from



Step 1.



Search for the equipment for your job description



Step 2



Select the equipment that suits your job description, location you want the


equipment and the duration you want the equipment.



Step 3.



Click the ‘’LEASE’’ button to lease the equipment.



Step 4.



Fill in the required information.



Step 5.



After filling in the required information, go to the section; ‘‘How would you like to


pay’’ to finalize your transaction.







Follow the instruction below to make payment;



Step 1.



Upon selecting the option, a box will be reveled below the selection, where you


would find various form of payment.



Step 2.



Select one of the options to reveal various options to make payments.



Step 3.



Follow the instruction in the box for the selected option to their respective payment



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